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We Help Individuals who struggle with dry eyes get the relief they crave without enduring daily irritation by offering our comprehensive "Dry Eye Relief Program"

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Welcome to Dry Eye Relief Clinic, where your ocular comfort and clarity are our top priorities. We understand the daily challenges and discomfort that accompany dry eye syndrome, and our dedicated team is here to provide you with personalized care and relief tailored to your unique needs.

From advanced diagnostics to cutting-edge treatments, we are committed to restoring your eye health and enhancing your quality of life. Step into our clinic and embark on a journey towards lasting relief and rejuvenated vision.

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Specialized Dry Eye Care

At the Dry Eye Relief Clinic, we are dedicated to addressing dry eye conditions with a specialized approach. Our team's expertise and focus on this specific issue mean you receive the most effective and tailored treatments available.

Customized Treatment Plans

We understand that every patient is unique. Our clinic develops personalized treatment plans to address your specific dry eye needs, ensuring that you receive the care that's right for you.

Lasting Comfort And Clarity

Our goal is to provide long-term relief, not just temporary solutions. By choosing the Dry Eye Relief Clinic, you're making an investment in your comfort and vision, allowing you to enjoy a life free from the burden of dry eye discomfort.

Meet Our Team

Lucija Valentic

Founder of Dry Eye Relief Clinic and Base Curve Optical

Lucija loves how her clients at Base Curve Optical become friends over time. She enjoys hunting down the next new trend in eyewear and is passionate about supporting small independent frame makers. Lucija’s extensive knowledge in lenses and optical dispensing, be it complex sports glasses, kids’ myopia control, the latest industry has to offer like biometric intelligent lenses or the latest fashion tints is very much appreciated by her clients. Her mission is to raise awareness about kids vision being someone who has been wearing glasses since she was 5 years old, she completely understands what it feels like when a child is told that it needs to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Whether it be assisting you in selecting the best frame for your face, repairing or adjusting your glasses, or just helping with appointments and enquiries, Lucija will ensure your time at Base Curve Optical is an enjoyable one. Lucija is a mother to two teenagers and loves spending her free time training for the next triathlon race which takes her to some beautiful places like Noosa, Cairns or Busselton. Her mission is to raise awareness about kids vision.

Helen Higgins


Helen graduated from Melbourne University in 1986 and has been working for independent practices ever since. Helen’s continuous professional education and a warm and caring approach to her clients are a few of her strengths. She understands the importance of a quality examination, followed by advice tailored to your individual needs. In her spare time Helen loves spending times outdoors and maintains a very healthy lifestyle by frequenting gym every morning.

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Schedule your consultation effortlessly by phone or through our convenient online booking system.
Experience comprehensive diagnostics conducted by our skilled optometrists, ensuring precise assessments and personalized treatment plans tailored to your needs.
Alleviate your dry eye symptoms effectively with our specialized treatments, designed to bring you lasting relief and restore comfort to your eyes.

What makes us different?

At our clinic, we pride ourselves in providing the latest and most comprehensive dry eye treatment in the entire Bayside. Our unique focus means that when you choose us, you’re tapping into unparalleled expertise and a razor-sharp approach to resolving your dry eye concerns. We’re your dedicated partner in achieving enduring comfort when it comes to your dry eye disease.

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What Our Patient's Are Saying…​

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Jason H
Jason H
Very helpful.great customer service .thank you for your help today
Serena Lane
Serena Lane
Have been suffering with chronic dry eyes for about 3 years. Have seen multiple optometrists and an ophthalmologist who specialized in dry eyes, but I was only ever offered eye drops and updated scripts. I finally found this business - and I am genuinely shocked by the amazing results they have given me. My eyes feel better, function better and after 3 years - they are so improved I almost can't believe the results myself. The staff are super lovely and personable - and made the process easy and accessible. I highly recommend this business and am very grateful to them for finally giving me a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does dry eye treatment cost?

Diognistic apointments are $150 and IPL treatments are $300 per treatment.

Do you see a doctor or optician for dry eyes?

You get come to us directly, you don’t need to see a health professional beforehand.

How long does it take for dry eyes to get better?

Dry eye disease is very complex and each and every person will react differently to treatment, therefore it’s hard to answer how long it would take for an individual to take to see improvement. 

Some people experience relief after 1 treatment and some people need multiple treatments to experience relief from dry eyes. 

Can dry eye ever be fixed?

There is no cure for dry eye but the symptoms can be successfully managed. If left untreated, dry eye can cause lasting damage to the cornial surface and declining vision. 

What do optometrists recommend for dry eyes?

We would reccomend regular eye checks, heat packs, limiting screen time wear wrap around sunglasses, take supplement in particular Lacritec. 

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